Club Guidelines


Walk Categories

To ensure   members are prepared for a walk and have appropriate gear all of our walks are graded using the following system:

  • EASY: Generally flat, roads, tracks, woodlands. Distance  8 – 10 km
  • MODERATELY CHALLENGING:  Combination of tracks and trails with some gradual ascents and descents. May have uneven surfaces. Distance 10 – 12 km
  • CHALLENGING: Off track,  some steep ascents and descents, and underfoot conditions may be uneven. If  the walk is unmarked, the Leader  uses  maps / navigational skills. Distance 12 – 16 km 

Essential Items when Walking

  • Rucksack – carrying supplies.
  • Hiking boots – Boots with good ankle support. You will NOT be allowed on walks without suitable boots.
  • Walking poles- Protects the knees from the impact of walking, especially when walking downhill and improves power and endurance when walking uphill.
  • Rain gear – Waterproof and windproof jackets and over-trousers. Wear clothes suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Food – e.g. water and snacks. It is our practice to stop midway on our walks for a snack break.
  • Spare clothes – Change of clothing and footwear for after the walk and for comfort on the journey home.
  • Basic First Aid – it is advised that members carry basic first aid items to include plasters, sunscreen, ankle or knee supports if required, insect repellent etc.


Although you will be in the company of experienced walkers, your safety is ultimately your own responsibility. Therefore take the following into account before setting out:-

  • Consider your fitness in relation to the walk that you are undertaking. It is an expectation that members are reasonably fit and that they engage in other fitness enhancing activities between the scheduled walks.
  • Check the weather forecast and be appropriately dressed for that particular walk
  • Sign in at the start of the walk and stay with the group and follow the leader’s instructions -“remember there is safety in numbers”.
  • The Leader may change a particular walk location or duration depending on weather  or other unforeseen events.
  • For information on a specific walk, please contact the Leader. Their contact details is on the Walking Schedule page.

Walk Leaders

There is a designated leader  for each walk. Leaders are responsible for the following:

  • Researching and planning walks
  • Reviewing  walking routes to  identify hazards/risks
  • Collecting sign-ins, and where appropriate “Indemnity Forms  of all people attending the walk
  • Managing the walk, which may   include changing the route depending on weather conditions, route accessibility, walk attendees etc.
  • Checking  members have appropriate clothing and footwear for the scheduled walk
  • Assigning a Leader to the back of the group for safety and communication purposes
  • Have basic First Aid equipment including plasters, bandages, slings etc.
  • Walk Leader/s must have their phone charged and on at all times

Car Pooling

The club has a practice of car pooling where possible with a contribution towards the cost of petrol:-

  • Local walks – no charge
  • €5 for journeys up to 1 hour
  • A contribution will be agreed prior to journeys longer than 1 hour

The designated meeting point for  walks is  the Car Park on the Gort Rd., Loughrea.  Please do not go to the start of the walk  without first contacting the Walk Leader, as the walk route may  change due to weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances.  Usual departing time is 09.30am but starts times can vary, and will be listed on the Walking Schedule, and on  text which is usually issued 2-3 days prior to the walk


Any member of Mountaineering Ireland is welcome to join with us on any of our walks. Please contact the  Walk Leader in advance. Contact details available  on the Walking Schedule.

We welcome  new  members and anyone thinking of joining our club are welcome to   walk with the club for 3 walks. We hope  guests will  then become a members.  It is an insurance requirement that all  non-Mountaineering Ireland members must complete an Indemnity Form prior to walking with the club.  Indemnity forms are available from the Walk Leader.   Only  club members can attend  club  overnight   trips.

General Information

A full schedule of all our walks are available from the drop down menu on this site.

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